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Revolutionize your workflow by effortlessly extracting crucial information from order forms of any type. Introducing Extractify - the ultimate solution for seamless data extraction, accuracy, and efficiency.

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How it Works

The transformation of data uses OCR technology and translates the in three simple steps:

– Order form received via email or API.

– Data read through email or API transmission.

– Recognized key information and conversion into the desired format.

– We provide an API interface that returns results based on the order form submitted to our designated email address. Our system automatically categorizes and annotates documents, enhancing the efficiency of organizing and managing substantial document volumes.

– Leveraging advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and capture functionality, we facilitate seamless information extraction from order forms.

– Optimize the complete lifecycle of unordered orders through our integrated solution, streamlining processes with professionalism and precision.


Enables you to extract content in seconds at any time

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Any OrderForm

Able to extract from every possible format, even hand filled forms.

High Security

Providing secure extraction with no data being stored on our end.

Key Features

 – Universal Compatibility: Extractify adapts to any order form format, whether it’s digital or paper-based. No more manual data entry, no more errors.

 – Intelligent Data Parsing: Our advanced algorithms intelligently parse through complex forms, capturing data with precision and reducing the risk of errors.

 – Customization Options: Tailor Extractify to your specific needs. Define fields, set preferences, and watch as the tool effortlessly captures the data that matters most to you.

Time saving

Error evasion

ERP integration

High accuracy

– Automation at Its Finest: Say goodbye to tedious manual extraction. “Order Extraction AI” automates the entire process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

– Seamless Integration: Integrate “Order Extraction AI” into your existing systems with ease. Compatible with popular CRM platforms, ERPs, and more.

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